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Week 18 NFL Power Rankings

The Packers remain kings as we reach the final week of the regular season.

Green Bay locked up the No. 1 seed in the NFC after routing Minnesota on Sunday night. The Pack's true reward? Sitting atop the for the sixth consecutive week. Right behind are the Rams, who cracked the top two for the first time since their one-week cameo at No. 1 way back in Week 4.

The top-10 newcomers? Let's reacquaint ourselves with the Titans, who have jumped seven spots in two weeks thanks to a pair of impressive wins. Of course, their new ranking probably isn't good enough to Titans fans who believe the AFC's likely No. 1 seed deserves more respect.

To which, I'll remind you all: These are not the Power Standings — they are the Power Rankings. Understand this distinction and we'll all live together in harmony.

This is history, folks. The first-ever Week 18 NFL Power Rankings.

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